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Add this delicious, low carb pizza dough mix to your keto meal plan. 13g of carbohydrates per serving and sugar free with the cleanest ingredients. Made with organic coconut flour and whey protein isolate, it’s perfect for anyone leading a Keto or low carb lifestyle. Make low carb pizza crust, bagels, bread dishes and so much more.

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To make 1 pizza crust you will need:

¾ cup (168 g) shredded Mozzarella cheese (For best results, we highly recommend using Saputo's Pizza Mozzarella)

½ Pouch dough mix 1.25 oz (35 g) 1 large egg

Baking instructions:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 350°F & prepare parchment lined pizza pan.
  2. Place the mozzarella cheese in microwave safe bowl and microwave in 20 second intervals for a total of 60 seconds. Stir cheese in between intervals.
  3. Add the room temperature beaten egg to the melted cheese and mix with spatula, it will not completely blend.
  4. Add the dough mix and fold in with a spatula until dough forms. Lightly oil hands and kneed until dough is smooth and all ingredients are incorporated.
  5. Spread the dough using your hands or rolling pin to 1/8 inch or desired thickness. Cover with parchment paper if using rolling pin.
  6. Use a fork to poke holes throughout the crust to prevent bubbling.
  7. Pre-bake the crust for 10-12 minutes or until it starts to brown. Remove from oven then add desired toppings.
  8. Bake for an additional 15 minutes or until are toppings are cooked.


  • Organic coconut flour
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Baking powder
  • Xantham gum
  • Sweetener (Erythritol)

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 8 × 0.5 × 5 in

Vic's Low Carb Mix



5 reviews for Vic’s Low Carb Mix Everything Dough | Pizza Crust, Bagels & More | Keto Baking Mix

  1. Danny

    Awesome Dough!! Super tasty and easy to make!

  2. Jack

    FINALLY!!! thank you so very much, the video is very helpful, it is SO EASY to make and THE TASTE wow….I have tried so many other items off the internet and I can say that THIS one by far is the easiest and the tastiest.. Thank you Vic’s

  3. Sangeetha (verified owner)

    Amazing mix! I purchased this since I miss bagels on my low carb lifestyle. I am not a chef and put this together in 5 mins. It was easy to use, which is very important to me. I made 4 bagels. They smelled delicious when I pulled them out of the oven, and I had the delight of a fresh warm avocado toast bagel. It was delicious! I highly recommend it. And one of the rare Canadian available low carb options!

  4. Cynthia

    I have tried so many low carb dough products only to be disapointed. Then vics mix changed everything. True test is how the dough holds out the next day, most of them end up soggy mess. Vics stays exactly how it was the day it was cooked. Flavor is amazing, not overpowering. Ease of use is even better.

  5. Nevada-The PALEO Pharmacist

    Vic has created a phenomenal versatile mix of clean ingredients that leave the Home Cook with a culinary canvas of infinite possibilities from pizza to cinnamon rolls. There is nothing Vic’s Mix can not do. A genius creation, we use Vic’s Mix to replicate our favorite foods using a cleaner sugar and gluten free option that has revolutionized our home cooking while trimming our waistlines. Highly recommended!!

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